In accordance with Article 11, Paragraph 3,

In accordance with Article 11, Paragraph 3,

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the 2024 facility construction ordering plan is announced as follows. February 5, 2024. Director of the Public Procurement Service 1. Thank you for your active cooperation and interest in government procurement projects. 2. Smooth operation of public institutions

Firefighting facility construction business licenses are divided into general and specialized fields, and general is further divided into mechanical and electrical. Specialized areas include construction of mechanical and electrical firefighting facilities installed on specific firefighting objects.

Samcheon Energy 0507 – 571 – 8836 *** – **** – **** Danwon-gu City Gas Corporation Meter Piping Facility Construction To use this city gas, you must install all the necessary facilities. water

It's not fun, but everything needs to be searchable on my blog, so I'm uploading it. Now my blog is almost becoming my field database. When I do carpentry work for the interior construction of Guyeong 2nd Prugio,

Outdoor activities are much better, but the fine dust is enormous. Wear a mask to protect your health. Today, we will tell you how to register a new firefighting facility construction business. The firefighting facility construction project is a specialized firefighting facility construction project.

Hello~ The earth retaining construction site we will introduce 소액결제현금화 today is the Seongsu-dong site in Seongdong-gu, where temporary earth retaining facility construction is in progress using Top Construction's patented anti-vibration sheet pile method. Flattening work and smooth earth retaining

We would like to share the ordering plan for the Public Procurement Service facility construction! In accordance with Public Procurement Service Notice No. 2024-51, Article 92-2 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act on Contracts to which the State is a Party, and Article 11 (3) of the Enforcement Decree of the Procurement Business Act.

Hello~ The temporary earth retaining facility construction site that we will introduce today is the earth retaining construction site in progress using the earth get more info plate method in Songpa-dong, Songpa-gu. ↓ Go see the previous Songpa-dong earth retaining construction site ↓ Songpa-gu Songpa-gu

Today, we will check the general registration requirements for firefighting facility construction businesses and provide guidance on how to register for a license. The firefighting facility construction project is divided into specialized firefighting facility construction project and general firefighting facility construction project.

In the same situation as waterproofing company in Anheung-dong, Dongducheon, small auditorium reform facility construction, and paint construction, there is a lot of time to do manual repairs. Interior decoration based on the professional's many years of experience in structural coloring materials

The core requirements for firefighting facility construction projects are from Gaon M&A. Hello, this is Gaon M&A Manager Jeong Won-min. I can feel the weather getting warmer. You can see a lot of people going out on the weekends! But it's cold

Notice of Compliance Matters』[Source: Firefighting Construction Business Association] ●To prevent administrative dispositions, we are informing you of the compliance matters of the 「Firefighting Facilities Construction Business Act」. Please be careful to avoid disadvantages to members (companies) by observing the following matters.

Siheung Dochang-dong gas facility construction expansion work is no problem. Apartment, commercial house, LNG city gas construction and demolition company, Daeya-dong, back of Nauvilla, city gas construction road and intermediate pressure pipe landfill in the complex, Sincheon-dong, Finetech Century Co., Ltd.

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